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Welcome to Belosy Africa

Belosy is a non-profit humanitarian organization working to fight against poverty. Our work is grounded in empowering local communities to utilize their local resources and talents in the fight against poverty through recovering and developing resilience to disasters. Together with the communities, we develop local solutions to poverty. Through inference, the results are implemented in a global scope to create meaningful impact.


  • Organization of national and international conferences
  • Community sensitization on various topics ranging from health , to social capitals in a bid to eradicate poverty
  • Organization of training sessions on income generating at the local and national levels;
  • Organize workshops of restitution;
  • Implementation of projects ;
  • Monitoring and evaluation (ex-ante and ex-post) of projects;
  • Establish contacts with different partners in the interest of providing better humanitarian assistance
  • Provide affordable goods through an online charity shop

The product of our own means

  • Donations and legacies
  • Sales from our charity shop.

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Our vision is to contribute in the development of sustainable solutions to poverty eradication in sub-Saharan Africa, to build self-reliant local communities and to contribute in the recovery and reinsertion of local communities after a disaster.


We have worked in five regions in Cameroon where we have provided training on income generating activities to victims of war, gender base violence and internal displaced persons. We support these target population to ease their community reinsertion and build better lives for themselves, create a livelihood and to protect themselves in times of war or disaster.


In May 2022 our organization was formally registered, we comprise of seven board members from various disciplines of life who contribute to proposing holistics strategies to achieving our goal of eradicating poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Since its creation in 2014, our organization has moved from various funding mechanisms. Currently we self-derived funds by operating an online charity shop, where we sell donated refurbished goods and products produced from the various trainings we have been carrying out.

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